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Headquartered in Austin, Texas SBA, Inc., is a for-profit Texas corporation providing the following services to businesses located throughout the state of Texas:

Business Loans & Lines of Credit

Texas SBA™ facilitates business loans and lines of credit through our proprietary Texas Business Loan Exchange™ platform where qualified small and medium-sized businesses may gain access to low-interest rate loans and lines of credit with terms ranging from 30 days to 60 months and extremely flexible collateral requirements. Individuals with "excellent" credit and collateral may also qualify for U.S. Federal SBA loan programs. Texas Small Business Loan Exchange™ is the most efficient method to obtain your company's business loan or line of credit without any up-front application or processing fees.

Woman, Minority, & Veteran Owned Business Certifications

Texas Certification Directory™ verifies and issues (1) woman, (2) minority, and (3) veteran owned business certification for companies registered within the state of Texas.

Corporations, agencies, banks, customers, and other organizations eagerly solicit business partners and suppliers of the female gender, "socially disadvantaged groups," and current or former military personnel.   Participation in these "diversity programs" typically requires certification and Texas Certification Directory™ is where many Texas-based businesses receive and verify thier participation.

State of Texas Government Contracting

Companies serious about increased sales revenue must pursue government contracts from city, county, state, and federal agencies!    Reason being, the economy within the United States of America is approximately 45% government purchasing and 55% consumer and business-to-business. Thererfore, companies only participating or offering their goods and services to the consumer and business markets are "missing out" in the other 45% of the U.S. economy! The excuses are many as to why Texas-based businesses do not pursue government contracting which is wy Texas SBA, Inc., has simplified the process of registration, application, and financing for newly awarded State of Texas and U.S. federal government contracts.     Learn More.

State of Texas Government Affairs

Procurement: Laws are written for the benefit of those that propose the legislation and it are these individuals, agencies, organizations, and companies that will reap the benefits at the "expense" of others or for their "protection" and the "bettermant" of society.    Texas SBA, Inc., lobbyists are available to aide your business, either foreign-based or Texas-based, in the creation and proposal of new legislation (ie. bills), the repealment of current law, and the passage of law through the Senate Chamber, House Chamber, and culminating with the signature of the Texas Governor!     Hire a State of Texas Lobbyist to create a legislated environment that directly benefits your company's goods and services with the desired result being increased company profits.

Legislation: State of Texas government agencies are considered repeat customers to the firms they award contracts. Through their administration of a 2-year (ie. biennial) budget of approximately US $80 Billion, the State of Texas government is considered one of the single-largest "customers" in the state of Texas and throughout the world!     Although applications to become a government contractor are free as are "bid proposals" they become synonymous with lottery applications. Texas SBA, Inc., lobbyists may increase your company's exposure amongst State of Texas purchasing managers in addition to increasing your company's likelihood of being awarded a State of Texas government contract. Reason being, Texas SBA, Inc., Texas Small Business Association™, is An Agency Advocating for 2 Million Texas-Based Businesses™ and therefore is known-and-respected throughout the State of Texas on a personal basis.    Hire a Texas SBA, Inc., Lobbyist to "Walk-and-Talk" your Application for a State of Texas Contract through the entire process.

Import - Export

The United States of America is the world's largest economy generating in excess of US $15 Trillion per annum amongst 27 million registered businesses of which over 98% are classified as "small businesses" according to the U.S. Small Business Administration or SBA. As such, over 95% of all international trade transactions (ie. import; export) involving the United States of America are generated by small and medium-sized businesses. Furthermore, Texas is the #1 state in tonnage for receiving imported goods from around the world and also the #1 state for exporting U.S. goods to the rest of the world. Additionally, Texas' infrastructure has more Official U.S. Customs Ports of Entry than any other state within the U.S. and also has the most Foreign Trade Zones. Lastly, Texas is the leading contributor to the world's largest economic marketplace- North America- which includes Canada, Mexico, and the USA to form the North America Free Trade Zone for a combined US $17 Trillion economy. Texas SBA™ is the agency servicing this marketplace!

National Export Initiative: Effective January 2010, the President of the United States of America announced the National Export Initiative which calls for the doubling of U.S. exports to foreign markets within the next five years. Thus far, the program has produced phenomenal results with U.S. exports reaching a historic and record high US $2.2 Trillion for year 2012. Naturally, this exporting boom has been led by the state of Texas with small and medium-size businesses acting as major contributors in this current economic expansion.

Exporting from the United States and North America:

Importing to the United States and North America:


Texas Small Business Association™ Membership™ is available to all interested persons, worldwide, who seek networking and additional knowledge regarding the Texas economy, starting a business in Texas, receiving grant monies to expand their business, and access to the Texas SBA™ and Texas Small Business Association™ websites. Additional benefits such as commaraderie amongst members and access to the Ask an Expert Hotline are also experienced.


The Texas SBA™ Bookstore™ provides both novice and experienced businesspeople with educational materials designed to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the United States and Texas business environment. Scholars working in unison with Texas Small Business Association™ have meticulously researched and drafted this copyrighted material for your educational benefit and success.


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