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Texas SBA™, popularly known as Texas Small Business Association™, supplies government contracting services, plus women & minority business certification, loans, and other resources through our website www.texassba.org.

Our Texas business community favours the consolidation of resources, opportunities for economic expansion, and the fusion between public and private sector economies which encourages small business to reclaim their wealth held by government treasury. Texas SBA™ governmental services connect small business to large government helping reduce their doubts of inadequacy and lack of preparedness.

Without you, the small business owner, there would be no Texas and no wealth to administer:

Small Business Facts

  • Over 97% of all Business in America is Small Business
  • Over 2.1 Million Businesses Exist in Texas
  • Over 80% of all Business is Non-Employer
  • Texas has the 2nd Largest State Economy in America
  • Texas has a Gross State Product in Excess of $1.2 Trillion
  • Texas is the World's 12th Largest Economy
  • Texas has a State Biennial Budget in Excess of $150 Billion
  • Texas has the 4th Fastest Growth Rate for Woman Business Ownership
  • Texas Is a Right to Work and Equal Employment Opportunity State
  • Texas Has a 0% State Income Tax for Residents
  • Texas Business Franchise Tax Maximum Rate is 1%
  • Texas Safeguards Small Business from Frivolous Lawsuits with "Loser Pays Tort Reform"

Texas SBA™ is your guide or liason to better understand the $150 Billion economic marketplace of Texas budgeting and contracting, including representation services for the first-timer or beginner. Learn More.
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Woman Owned Business Certification
Veteran Owned Business Certification
Minority Owned Business Certification
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